Bubble Witch 2 Saga is a mesmerizing puzzle game that has captivated millions of players worldwide with its enchanting gameplay and captivating storyline. Developed by King, the same creators of Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch 2 Saga takes players on an exciting journey through a magical realm filled with colorful bubbles and challenging puzzles. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of Bubble Witch 2 Saga, its gameplay features, and a step-by-step guide on how to install the game from the Google Play Store.

Embark on a Magical Adventure

In Bubble Witch 2 Saga, players join Stella the Witch on an adventurous quest to defeat the dark spirits and save the magical world from their evil reign. The game is set in a fantasy world filled with mystical landscapes and enchanting characters, adding an immersive storytelling element to the puzzle gameplay.

Puzzle Gameplay

The core of Bubble Witch 2 Saga revolves around matching and popping bubbles to complete levels. Players aim and shoot bubbles from a cauldron, attempting to match three or more bubbles of the same color to make them burst. As players progress through the levels, they encounter different challenges, such as obstacles, limited moves, or tricky bubble arrangements, making each level unique and engaging.

Special Bubbles and Boosters

To aid players in their quest, Bubble Witch 2 Saga introduces special bubbles and boosters. Rainbow Bubbles can match with any color, while Fire Bubbles can burn through obstacles. Additionally, there are magical boosters that players can strategically use to overcome challenging levels and achieve higher scores.

Social and Competitive Elements

Bubble Witch 2 Saga features social and competitive elements, allowing players to connect with friends, send and receive lives, and compare their progress on leaderboards. The game also offers special in-game events and challenges that provide additional rewards and prizes.

Installing Bubble Witch 2 Saga from Google Play Store

Installing Bubble Witch 2 Saga on your Android device is a straightforward process through the Google Play Store. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Access Google Play Store: On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for Bubble Witch 2 Saga: In the search bar, type “Bubble Witch 2 Saga” and tap on the search icon.
  3. Select the Game: From the search results, find “Bubble Witch 2 Saga” by King and tap on it.
  4. Install the Game: Tap on the “Install” button to begin downloading and installing the game on your device.
  5. Open the Game: Once the installation is complete, tap on the “Open” button to launch Bubble Witch 2 Saga and begin your magical adventure.


Bubble Witch 2 Saga combines the allure of a magical fantasy world with captivating puzzle gameplay, providing players with an enchanting and addictive gaming experience. With its challenging levels, special bubbles, and social elements, the game keeps players engaged and entertained for hours on end. So, why wait? Embark on a spellbinding adventure and join Stella the Witch in Bubble Witch 2 Saga, available for download on the Google Play Store. Let the magic begin!

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